Why it is worth cooperate with us:

  1. You pay for labor only experienced developers and designers of electronic systems and not the student – Freelancer.
  2. You have no intermediary between himself and the developer – your ideas quickly and easily implemented.
  3. The absence of an intermediary between you and the developer of electronics – a significant savings for your money.
  4. You have at your disposal a whole department of real industrial enterprise with staff experienced developers of electronic automation systems.
  5. You choose the professionals with extensive experience which will make the development electronic systems quickly, efficiently and with minimal probability of having possible errors.
  6. As a legal entity, has long worked in the design of electronic systems and Informatization we have relationships with the largest suppliers of electronics and accordingly we have the opportunity to use the best, most modern and affordable components for development of an electronic device from the vast the number of parts is being in warehouses suppliers.
  7. You choose the developers, fully equipped with modern technical means for the development of electronic devices.
  8. For you will work the developers of electronic devices, using the latest design system.
  9. You choose the developers that make the development of an electronic device with a minimum cost of the device itself and with minimal cost of its production, given the experience of optimizing production.
  10. Our professionals have experience in developing electric drive, power electronics, automation, micro-controllers, devices, sensors. Using for this the element base and the latest developments of the largest manufacturers of microelectronics – Texas Instruments, Atmel, Microchip, Philips, Motorola, AMD, and the controllers 51 series, the ARM architecture, and others.

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